Jack White Grooves, Burns Rubber, Explodes Guitar in 'Lazaretto' Video

Sports cars, bulls and bass riffs dominate the Jonas & François-directed clip

By Ryan Reed
Jun 06, 2014

Jack White's latest single, "Lazaretto," is full of chaotic groove, and now it's been paired with an equally insane music video. The Jonas & François-directed clip opens with a guitar pick flying through shards of shattered glass – and the whiplash visuals only get more eye-popping from there.

Everybody knows White is a guitar god, but "Lazaretto" is dominated by the low-end. Early on in the clip, the multi-instrumentalist plugs in his bass and nestles into a funky riff, as psychedelic synth leads sparkle between heavy drum fills. White spends much of the video mugging for the camera (when he isn't spitting on it), cranking out one an ear-busting guitar solo midway through. (At one point, White's shadow throws in a solo of its own.) Jonas & François mingle in rapid-fire shots of a stomping bull and a rubber-burning sports car, but the climax – a guitar shattering into a million pieces – is the true highlight.

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