Lily Allen – "Our Time"

Singer dresses as hot dog, fights with cop in new video for track from upcoming album, 'Sheezus'

By Kory Grow
Mar 11, 2014

Lily Allen takes a taxi ride through the touristy parts of London in the video for "Our Time," a new song off her new album Sheezus, due out May 6th. The singer's friends, all played by Allen, join her in the car, turn up the synth-heavy, carefree party track and hiccup as Allen boasts about how she's got "quite a record collection" including dubstep and "everything that came out on Def Jam." There are scenes of two of the Allens kissing and another puking, but the highlight is when yet another Allen – dressed as a hot dog(!) – gets into a fight with the blonde Allen and ends up crying to a cop.

As previously announced, the pop singer has decided to rib Kanye West with the title of the album. But unlike Yeezus, which barely had any cover art at all, Allen has adorned her album with an ornate tableau depicting her seated on the steps of a grand villa with the words "Divide Et Impera" – Latin for "Divide and Conquer" – carved into the marble that she and a trio of corgi dogs are sitting on. 

Allen worked on the 11-song album – three of which, "Hard Out Here," "L8 CMMR" and "Air Balloon," have already been released – that she wrote with Greg Kurstin, DJ Dahi and Shellback. the singer worked on the album throughout 2013, following a three-year break dedicated to raising her family and working on her own record label.

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