Michel Gondry Returns to Music Videos

One-take clip for Metronomy's "Love Letters" marks French director's first video in three years

By Jon Blistein
Feb 17, 2014

Michel Gondry has returned to his music video roots, directing the new clip for "Love Letters," the latest offering from Metronomy. The video is Gondry's first since directing Björk's "Crystalline" in 2011, though the three-year gap is hardly noticeable. Gondry's beautifully peculiar visuals and distinct style are immediately present, dancing on the lines of winking pastiche and dry comedy.

Shot in one take, the clip finds Metronomy clad in matching khakis, burgundy blazers and black turtlenecks, plucking out the track inside a set piece decorated to transport them into various scenes. Starting in an old school recording studio, the camera circles the band, placing Metronomy in a car, a concert hall, a computer screen, the great outdoors and in the midst of a lovers' serenade. During the second go around, Gondry tosses in some added sound effects such as car horn, dog barks, rowdy cheers and keyboard clicks.

Over the past two decades, Gondry's been behind some of the most impressive music videos, working with artists including Foo Fighters ("Everlong"), Paul McCartney ("Dance Tonight"), The White Stripes ("Fell In Love With a Girl," "Denial Twist," "Hardest Button to Button"), Daft Punk ("Around the World"), Beck ("Cellphone's Dead," "Dead Weight"), Radiohead ("Knives Out") and, most frequently, Björk.

Metronomy are set to release their fourth LP, Love Letters, on March 10th via Elektra Records. The album marks the band's first since 2011's Mercury Prize-nominated The English Riviera.

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