Major Crimes Season One

By Ali Philips
Jul 08, 2013

When Season Five of The Closer introduced Mary McDonnell as Captain Sharon Raynor, the character wasted no time in ruffling a few feathers and upsetting people. So when Raynor rocks up as the new head of The Closer’s Major Crimes division in the spin-off series of the same name, she’s not exactly flavor of the month. The now-familiar cast (including Police Academy alumni G.W. Bailey as Louie Provenza, reveling in his role as the officer who had his eye on Raynor’s job) are naturally wary of their new boss, even as they continue solving the city’s nastiest crimes. McDonnell is the star though, switching from no-nonsense boss to vulnerable single woman with poise and grace. Her addition to the cast makes Major Crimes more deliberate than its predecessor, charting the subtleties of a department hamstrung by rigorous procedure and office politics – though never scrimping on the grisly shocking cases that are the bread and butter of a modern crime show. A promising start.

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