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Feb 06, 2014


Keep Walking

Erin Mikaelian’s vocals are the undoubted star of this first single from the Lebanese indie outfit’s upcoming debut album Twisted Times. But her bandmates offer plenty of support. There’s an unmistakable No Doubt-vibe – from the… | MORE

St. Vincent

Digital Witness

On the second single from her upcoming album, rising cult star (and David Byrne protégée) Annie Clark gets as close to full-on pop as she ever has. Bouncy robo-horns and shaky-on-purpose vocals slide into a retro-futurist chorus that hits… | MORE

Juliana Down

Take Off

“Take Off” sounds like a Juliana Down song from the outset, thanks to a piercing intro riff that leads into frontman Dia Hassan’s distinctive vocals. But there’s a degree of exploration here too – the Eurodance skitter feels… | MORE

Dec 17, 2013

Bruce Springsteen

High Hopes

The theme of this spirited cover (from Springsteen’s new LP, due January 14th) is bedrock Bruce – the struggle for love and prosperity in a nation where, as original songwriter Tim Scott McConnell put it, “you pay for everything.”… | MORE


Ordinary Love

U2’s return starts like funky church–synth-choir hosanna and the gentle hammering of electric piano – and rolls with steady, compelling restraint. Bono fires a few bolts of falsetto in the chorus, and The Edge’s terse guitar… | MORE

David Bowie

Like a Rocket Man

David Bowie is no stranger to songs about space, drugs or spooky girls – but he tops himself with “Like a Rocket Man.” It’s one of the great bonus tracks added to the deluxe version of his latest album; it’s a slinky guitar… | MORE ft. Miley Cyrus, French Montana and Wiz Khalifa

Feeling Myself

“Now everybody trippin’ like they poppin’ ‘molly’/Up in the club is where you find me,” Miley raps over a throbby beat, finding her level as an MC. As hip-hop summits go, it’s not exactly Yalta, but as dumpy,… | MORE



This electronic brother duo from the U.K. usually go in for body-jackin’ garage beats. Here, they try something even more basic: a straight-up main-room house banger with menacing synths and gauzy vocal samples. It’s well made, but the no-frills… | MORE

Nov 05, 2013

Paris Hilton ft. Lil Wayne

“Good Time”

No needless disrespect to Hilton, who has put out listenable and even enjoyable music in the past, but rave-by-numbers tracks like this are often the reason pop music gets a bad rap to begin with. Worst off, sadly, is Wayne, a rapper who once had everything… | MORE

Deadmau5 and Jonathan Doyon


Joel Zimmerman and his rodent headpiece can be predictably commercial. But this buzzing electro-house jam breaks into a cool, extended trance build-up before the intro riff zooms back in around the five-minute mark – an unexpected move on first… | MORE

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