Vin Sinners

A Mighty Black Box
By Adam Grundey
Apr 06, 2014

Vin Nair does not lack commitment. On his band’s major-label debut, the Vin Sinners frontman howls, croons and growls his way through almost 80 minutes of Classic Rock – chugging riffs, pounding drums and fancy shredding, topped off by Nair’s impressively large voice. There’s a confident cohesion; the band clearly pine for a return to the days when big hair and a power chord were all a man needed. But the best moments are when they give the bombast a rest and there’s a chance of making an emotional connection to an album that, at times, veers into unintentional parody (complete with Spinal Tap-ish spoken-word interludes), so faithfully does it stick to the classic-rock road map.

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