Empty Yard Experiment

By Adam Grundey
Apr 06, 2014

Finally, EYE have come close to capturing their live energy on record. Kallisti is the sound of a band playing to their strengths and clearly having a blast. On this intricate, atmospheric and engaging LP, EYE maintain their prog roots, but incorporate melodic indie touches and grunge dynamics. Occasionally, they meander into self-indulgence – always a danger when a large part of the LP is instrumental – but for the most part, EYE’s experimental side is richly rewarding. “Greenflash” is an ear-scorching, soaring highlight –  “Entropy” and “Anomie” aren’t far behind. Acoustic ballad “Untitled” provides a smart counterpoint on an album that is, refreshingly, just that – a group of songs that make most sense when heard as a whole.

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