The Take Off and Landing of Everything
By Adam Grundey
Mar 13, 2014

Guy Garvey’s just turned 40. But given how much of Elbow’s past material has mined the same vein of uplifting nostalgia as this record, it hasn’t made any real difference. There are few more thrillingly bittersweet sounds in today’s music than when Garvey’s world-weary vocals soar over his band’s swelling cinematic accompaniment, and there are plenty of those moments on Take Off...  Ageing they may be, but Elbow  – and Garvey – have lost none of their emotional resonance. “Another sunrise with my sad captains/With who I choose to lose my mind,” he sings on album highlight “My Sad Captains.” “And if it’s so we only pass this way but once/What a perfect waste of time.” It really is.

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