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May 07, 2014


by Matt Ross

Back in 2011, an early version of Nikotin’s “Broken Dreams” suggested that the Dubai-based rockers had some seriously big ideas for their imminent full-length.…


Alters EP
by Adam Grundey

She might be just 20 years old, but Malak El Husseiny’s debut EP showcases a confidence that’s more commonly associated with an artist several albums into their career.…

Apo and The Apostles

Got No Eden
by Adam Grundey

On this promising debut record, Apo and The Apostles bring a summer festival vibe (complete with trumpet) to five upbeat, catchy tracks – two in English, two in Arabic and…

Apr 06, 2014

Empty Yard Experiment

by Adam Grundey

Finally, EYE have come close to capturing their live energy on record. Kallisti is the sound of a band playing to their strengths and clearly having a blast. On this intricate,…


Twisted Times
by Adam Grundey

With guitarist Miran Gurunian’s pedigree in seminal Beirut band Blend, Pindoll were always likely to grab attention. Add in Erin Mikaelian’s classy voice – capable…

Vin Sinners

A Mighty Black Box
by Adam Grundey

Vin Nair does not lack commitment. On his band’s major-label debut, the Vin Sinners frontman howls, croons and growls his way through almost 80 minutes of Classic Rock –…

Two Wooden Stones

Looking for the Light
by Adam Grundey

“I am the alchemist,” frontman Shélhôm sings on “The Alchemist.” “Everything I touch turns to shit.” The second half of that statement…

Mar 13, 2014


by Will Hermes

Transplant a group of veteran Saharan guitar slingers to a different desert (SoCal’s Mojave, specifically the indie depot of Joshua Tree) and add some American guests –…


The Take Off and Landing of Everything
by Adam Grundey

Guy Garvey’s just turned 40. But given how much of Elbow’s past material has mined the same vein of uplifting nostalgia as this record, it hasn’t made any real…

St. Vincent

St. Vincent
by Jon Dolan

Annie Clark (a.k.a. St. Vincent) isn’t just a great songwriter. She’s a great song dissector, breaking down pop’s essential rhythmic, melodic and emotional components,…

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