Perfect Storm: Nineties Hip-Hop – Playlist Special 2014

Picking just 10 songs from the “greatest era of hip-hop” was a tough call for the Dubai-based MC and member of The Recipe. “There was a dope record out, like, every week,” he says. “Forgive me if I’ve left any out.”

Perfect Storm
By Perfect Storm
Aug 04, 2014

1. “New York State of Mind” Nas

Just a classic track. There’s no one that could paint a picture better than Nas. You could feel yourself transported to New York City on this record. He was 20 when he released this. What an amazing mind.

2. “Natural Born Killaz” Ice Cube & Dr.Dre

One of Dre’s most picking-dead-bodies-out-of-the-gutter-type beats and a pre-Daddy Day Care Ice Cube. The video is so dope as well. I was 11 when this came out. It scared me a little.

3. “Protect Ya Neck” Wu-Tang Clan

I’ll never forget Inspectah Deck’s verse. The whole Wu came correct on this joint but Deck murdered it. The grime and grittiness of this record was just so raw.

4. “Dream Shatterer” Big Pun

Wow. One of the greatest verses in hip-hop. Period. That’s all I can say about this track. What a sad loss.

5. “D’Evils” Jay-Z

“I kept feeding her dollars till her shit started to make sense.” That line alone cements this track in my top 10. Genius.

6. “My Homeboy’s Girlfriend” Eightball

One of the most underrated artists ever. This song taught me how to tell stories through music. Space-age pimpin’, baby! So ahead of his time.

7. “100% Dundee” The Roots

It’s hard to pick one song from The Roots’ amazing catalogue, but this one stands out for Black Thought’s opening lines over that mon­strous beat: “On these 73 keys of ivory and ebony.” Wow. Definitely one of the most un­derrated artists to ever touch a mic.

8. “Party and Bullshit” Notorious B.I.G.

An amazing party record for the thugs. Fun, character and charisma just ooze out of this track. I swear fights used to break out when this played. People just got too hype.

9. “I Gave You Power” Nas

A gem of a track from his second – extreme­ly underrated – album, It Was Written. Nas describes the life of a gun as if it was a human. No one but Nas could have done this. So descriptive and so clever. Please check this record out.

10. “Players Ball” Outkast

Smooth. That Southern Play­alistic Cadillac Muzik. Does that describe this track? Take a listen and see if you recognize just how much they’ve influ­enced today’s rappers. Outkast need to be acknowledged!


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