Exclusive Free Download: Rolling Stone Middle East Third Anniversary Mixtape

A free double album of our favorite regional tracks from the last three years

By RS Staff
Nov. 17, 2013

To celebrate our third anniversary, the editorial staff at Rolling Stone Middle East have compiled a mixtape of some of our favorite songs by regional artists that we've heard over the past three years.

This isn't intended to be a 'Best of' anything. It's a purely subjective collection of songs that our editorial team have enjoyed, mainly from artists we've either featured in the magazine, or who have entered our various competitions, including 2011's Battle of the Bands and our two Street to Stage contests. Quite simply, these are songs we've heard since we started the magazine that we're still listening to today.

You can download the mixtape for free here. The tracklisting is below:

  • "Sleep With The Lights On" - The Wanton Bishops
  • "Under Pressure" - Tanjaret Dagheret
  • "Sex & Pirates" - Lazzy Lung
  • "Skeletons" - & The Centurions
  • "Mrs. Stevenson" - Craig Perry
  • "Wikipedia" - Car 19 To Base
  • "Love's Never Running Away" - The Relocators Ft. Silverlake
  • "Champion Of Broken Hearts" - Gayathri
  • "Day To Remember" - Abbo
  • "Aasfe" - Zeid & The Wings
  • "Where You At" - Swerte Ft. Kaz Money and Perfect Storm
  • "Now You're Here" - Near Surface
  • "September" - Sector 9
  • "Look Inside" - Bull Funk Zoo
  • "Ana Bakhaf Min El Commitment" - JadaL
  • "Flashlight" - Hassan Bin Rashid
  • "How We Love" - Hana Malhas & The Overthinkers
  • "Crystallized" - Dahab
  • "Let's Get Lost" - Adam Awad
  • "3 Act Circus" - Noush Like Sploosh
  • "UFO" - Boxtones
  • "Don't Let It Go" - The Final Wish
  • "Wait" - Fables of Cantt
  • "Hollowman" - Juliana Down
  • "Corsair" - We Left As Skeletons
  • "I Am, So I Will" - Absolace
  • "You Bring Me Down" - Tim Hassall

With thanks to all the above artists for letting us use their tracks. Copyright for all songs belongs to the respective artist.

Click here to download the free mixtape.

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